Section "C" consist of the next classes of models:
  • С-1 Rowing and Sailing ship models
  • С-2 Motorized ship models
  • С-3 A….D Models of ship parts, port and shipyard equipment, diarams and scenarious
  • С-4 A….D Mini-models of ships C1...C3 scaled 1:250 and higher
  • С-5 Bottled ships
  • С-6 Plactic injection molded ships
  • С-7 Carton and paper models.
  • С8 is a demonstration class and includes models based on industrial sets made of composite materials
The goal of the competition

    To obtain as higher result as possible from 100 points available for every model.
    Judges investigate every model and make their decision.
    Winners take gold, silver and bronze medals.